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2018-07-12 15:26:33
Should You Get a Tiny Home?

They are tiny

Most tiny homes are around 250 square feet. That is smaller than most studio apartments. Almost without fail, you will have to downsize your “stuff.” You will have to part with a lot of things you are attached to and only keep the most important things. Having to downsize that much can be a shock to the system, especially for kids. You will have to get used to being in close quarters with your family and find ways to be outside much more so you can have your personal space. A tiny home isn’t for the claustrophobic.

Finding a place to build

When you sign up to create a tiny home, something you probably don’t think about is where you can build. Since there are zoning laws, you have to be careful where you choose to put the home. Since a tiny house is a new type of home, it may be difficult to find a place to put it. Some people have to purchase land. Others make their tiny homes mobile and move it to RV parks. Some even park theirs in another person’s backyard. If you are doing a small backyard home, you will need to make sure it is permitted before you do so. While there are now more places that are starting tiny home communities, there are still in the infancy stages, so you might even have trouble finding places to put your home.

Large adjustments

The house itself might be tiny, but the changes to living in one can be a lot larger. When a homeowner and their family move into a little home, there are things they probably didn’t imagine would be issues. Finding a quiet space to do work, cooking and cleaning, and privacy issues are things that many families are living encounter. Finding space is always a challenge and is something a family will continuously deal with.

Home Maintenance

A tiny home is still a home. Any home that you own will come with its problems. Like a larger home, you will still have to deal with maintenance problems such as leaky faucets, kitchen drains that don’t work, and toilet troubles. A roof on a tiny home needs to be maintained just like the roof on a regular house. Just because you live in a tiny house, doesn’t exclude you from home maintenance.

A tiny home can be for you if you have the right mentality for it. Knowing the ins and outs of living in a tiny house will prepare you and give you a better idea if tiny home living is for you.

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