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2018-05-24 13:42:02
Tips on Taking Great Listing Photos

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. When it comes to real estate, the difference between a good picture and a mediocre picture can be the difference between sold and unsold. When you list your home with an agent, you will want to get some great photos of the house so that you can publish them on websites and social media. What are tips for telling your home’s story through pictures?

Get involved

A good agent will know how to take great pictures that will put your home in the best light. They will know the right angles and lighting techniques to get you the best possible pictures. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be involved in the process. As the homeowner, you will know about the best parts of the home. You can let the agent know what rooms stand out and the story of the house. Allow the agent to do their job, but don’t feel like you can’t give some input on the photos.

Natural Light

When it comes to photography, light can be the best ally or the worst enemy. If possible, take the photos on a sunny day when lots of natural light can permeate the room. The natural light will show off the house much better and give your buyers a good feel for the home and each of the rooms. Using artificial light can make a place look harsh and a lot less warm and inviting.

Horizontal Photos

Many situations can call for a vertical photo, especially when it comes to a picture of a couple. You went to a lot of trouble staging your home, so when it comes to the listing photos you want to display as much of a room as possible. A horizontal picture can tell a lot better story to a prospective buyer.

Show the Flow

Treat the photos you take as a tour of the home. There are a lot of great features of your home that you want to highlight. Make sure you show the pictures in a way that someone is walking through your house. First, show the outside of the home. You should then display the entry, the kitchen, the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and then the exterior of the house. If you were to do a video tour of the house, this is how you would want to order the pictures. Make them feel as if they are visiting the home with your photographs.


You should highlight your photos with color. You don’t want to overwhelm the eye with too many colors or subjects. Color that stands out against a neutral background can attract buyers to a room.

You know your house is lovely. With the power of excellent photography, you can attract people to your home and allow them to see just how beautiful it is.



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