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Relocating to a new area involves a major change. If you want to relocate to South Jordan UT, then you not only need to research the South Jordan UT real estate market, but you need to research the area itself as well since it could be the place that you’re calling your new home. Some people believe that once they find South Jordan UT homes that they like all they have to do is purchase them. However, in addition to ensuring that you like the South Jordan homes, you should also make sure that you like the community since you’re going to be living in it.


Alexander and Catherine Lince Beckstead were the first settlers to South Jordan in 1859, and the couple’s first home was cave dug from the river bank. Suffice it to say that South Jordan homes for sale have come a long way from dug-out caves on the river bank. However, because South Jordan has been established for so long, you can expect many of the homes for sale in South Jordan to be historical homes, which some homebuyers find advantageous. 

Parks and Recreation

South Jordan properties have access to the many parks and recreational sites that South Jordan has built for its residents. Some of the community parks in South Jordan include the South Jordan City Park, Riverfront Parkway, West Riverfront Park, East Riverfront Park and Heritage Park. Then, there are neighborhood parks like Ascot Downs Park, Country Crossing Park, District Detention Basin Park, Stonehaven Park and many others.

Attractions and Activities

If you’re a South Jordan home buyer who is looking for real estate in South Jordan in hopes of relocating to an area where there is plenty to do, then South Jordan is sure to please you. There are many attractions in the area to keep you entertained in your leisure time, such as a trip to the Big Cottonwood Canyon, a browse at the Salt Lake City Public Library or a visit to the Clark Planetarium.  


If you inquire as to the availability of community events in South Jordan, you likely won’t be disappointed in the answer that you receive. South Jordan always seems to have something going on, whether it is an arts and crafts festival or a race for charity.  

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